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About Us

EVER-GROW Advanced Materials Sdn Bhd was founded in August, 2001. In less than a month, production was already in full swing serving a long list of end markets. In less than 15 months, EVER-GROW had successfully explored the world market including the US, Japan, Europe and China. In early 2004, a second production line was set up to double the capacity in order to satisfy customers' need.

Factory Location Selangor, Malaysia
Date of Incorporation 20th April 2001
Paid up Capital USD 1,300,000.00
Capacity 900,000 PCS/Year (One Shift / Clad Metal)
70,000 PCS/Year (One Shift / Convex Mirror)
No. of Employee 50 person
Products Clad Metal & Stainless Steel Convex Mirror

Our Vision

To be the leader in exquisite Clad Metal Products & Stainless Steel Convex Mirror from Asia and beyond.

Our Mission

It is our commitment to have initiative in providing exquisite Clad Metal Products & Stainless Steel Convex Mirror to fulfill customers’ needs.

Marketing Strategy

EVER-GROW's market strategy is to offer only strategy and quality products at reasonable price. This eventually lead consumers to purchase the end products that they desire at an affordable price. Based from the overall market opportunity and strategic sales plan, our ultimate goal is to achieve continuous growth and increased sales volume.